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Welcome to GotAction.com, where you will find insider sports predictions and plays made by veteran sports consultants.

Sports betting became legal in New York, and we are on a mission to beat the book. We have been in this industry for over 20 years and know sports. Whether on FanDuel or DraftKings, we are here to beat the odds.

GotAction.com is a sports consulting firm out of New York. We have an experienced handicapper who provides sports plays that are profitable. Over the past seven years, we have logged over 68% winners and continue to provide our clients with the best sports information that you will find. He has been from New York to Las Vegas and has been in tune for over 20 years.

We trust in our sports handicapper and would love to see our clients prosper. We give free plays here and there, but most of our business comes from our paid clients. Information is one of the most valuable commodities that we can have. With the sports industry being a billion-dollar business, we figure we should spread the wealth.

“Give us 1% of your trust, and we will earn the other 99%.”

– GotAction.com

Sports betting is a billion-dollar industry, and we are here for our piece of the pie. It is our passion to follow, pick and predict sporting outcomes, so let the leaders of the industry guide you to success.

GotAction.com would love to offer free plays every day, but that wouldn’t be fair to our paid clients. We have been consistent with our winning percentage and have built a loyal client base over the last seven years. We are serious about winning as well as you should be!

If you are a regular bettor who likes to play here and there, we probably aren’t the ones to pursue. We want the dedicated sports bettor to follow us deep in the season and stick with us during rough times.

There is no magic eight-ball to predict these games, but money management, trends, weather reports, and coaching trends go a long way! Please put your trust in us. We know the game like the back of our hand. Take your game to the next level and hire a GotAction.com professional sports advisor today!

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GotAction.com - Everything Sports

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