Barry Sanders: Oklahoma State Stats and Accolades! Buy his Sports Card in Pro Set!

Barry Sanders is a former NFL running back known for his incredible career with the Detroit Lions, but before his NFL days, he played college football for the Oklahoma State Cowboys. Sanders had an exceptional college career, and his stats during his time at Oklahoma State (1986-1988) are impressive:

1986: As a freshman, Sanders had 131 carries for 603 yards and scored eight touchdowns.

1987: In his sophomore year, he had 304 carries for 2,628 yards (an NCAA record) and scored 37 touchdowns. This season put him on the map as a college football superstar.

1988: During his junior year, Sanders had 344 carries for 2,850 yards (another NCAA record) and scored 44 touchdowns. He won the Heisman Trophy that year as the best player in college football.

Sanders’ college career was marked by his incredible speed, agility, and ability to make defenders miss. His style of play and the records he set at Oklahoma State remain legendary in college football history.

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