Golf Digest: Proper Etiquette Explained

Proper golf etiquette is essential to ensure an enjoyable and respectful experience for all players on the course. Here are some key aspects of golf etiquette to keep in mind:

Respect for Others:

Silence: Maintain silence and avoid distractions while others are taking their shots.
Stay Still: Stand still and avoid moving, especially in a golfer’s line of sight, when they are about to hit the ball.
Clapping: Applaud good shots only after the player has completed their swing.

Pace of Play:

Play Promptly: Be ready to play when it’s your turn. Limit the time you take to make your shot.
Ready Golf: In casual play, play “ready golf” to keep the pace moving by taking your turn when ready rather than strictly adhering to the order of play.

Repair the Course:

Divots: Replace divots (chunks of grass) and repair ball marks on the green.
Bunkers: Smooth out the sand in bunkers after you’ve played your shot.
Rake Bunkers: Use a bunker rake to tidy up bunkers for the next player.
Respect for the Course:

Stay on the Path: Follow cart path rules, if applicable, and avoid driving on tees, greens, or other sensitive areas.
Dispose of Trash: Dispose of trash and litter properly in designated receptacles.


Fore: If your shot might hit someone, shout “Fore!” to warn them.
Club Care: Don’t toss or drop clubs on the ground, and ensure your clubs are properly stored to prevent accidents.
Dress Code: Many golf courses have a dress code. Check in advance and adhere to it.


Honor System: Golf relies on players keeping their score. Be honest and record your strokes accurately.
Playing Through:

Faster Groups: If your group is slower than the group behind you and has an open hole in front, consider letting the faster group play through.
Cell Phones:

Silence Phones: Keep your cell phone silent or vibrate, and avoid taking calls or texting during the game. Emergency calls are an exception.
Respect for Nature:

Wildlife: Show respect for nature on the course and avoid disturbing animals or their habitats.
Environment: Dispose of any trash properly and avoid damaging the environment.
Replace Flagsticks: After putting them out, replace the flagstick carefully without damaging the hole or the green.

Caddies and Carts:

Caddies: If you have a caddy, treat them with respect and follow their advice if you choose to.
Carts: Follow cart rules and adhere to any path restrictions. Don’t drive carts near tees or greens.
Maintain a Positive Attitude:

Control Emotions: Keep your emotions in check, even when you’re not playing well.
Encourage Others: Encourage and compliment fellow players when they make good shots.

Remember that golf etiquette promotes sportsmanship and ensures everyone can enjoy their round. Different courses may have specific rules or local customs, so it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with them before playing. Always be courteous, considerate, and mindful of others on the course. I appreciate your interest in