Petition to Legalize Online Poker in New York – Share and Leave a Comment to Support!

Dear New York State,

I am writing to you as a concerned citizen of New York to express my strong support for legalizing online poker in our state. Online poker has evolved into a popular form of entertainment enjoyed by millions of individuals across the country, and it is time for New York to embrace this activity responsibly and regulate it effectively.

Online poker offers numerous benefits to the state of New York, including:

Economic Growth: Legalizing online poker can generate significant revenue for the state through licensing fees, taxation, and job creation. It has the potential to provide a much-needed boost to our economy, especially in the wake of the financial challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Consumer Protection: Legalization would ensure New Yorkers have access to a safe and regulated online poker environment, protecting them from unscrupulous offshore operators. A regulated market would establish clear rules and safeguards to prevent fraud and conspiracy.

Responsible Gaming: By legalizing online poker, New York can implement strict reliable gaming measures, including age verification, self-exclusion options, and problem gambling support programs. These measures would help minimize the risk of addiction and harm associated with unregulated gambling.

Increased Tourism: A regulated online poker industry can attract tourists to New York, boosting the state’s tourism industry and supporting local businesses.

Consumer Choice: Legalization would allow New Yorkers to make informed choices about their entertainment activities. Prohibiting online poker restricts personal freedom and forces citizens into an unregulated black market.

I urge you to consider the success stories of other states that have legalized online poker, such as New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Nevada. These states have demonstrated that a well-regulated online poker industry can thrive while providing residents with significant financial and social benefits.

In light of the above, I respectfully request that you support legislation to legalize and regulate online poker in New York. I understand that this issue may raise concerns, but I believe that with thoughtful regulation, these concerns can be addressed effectively.

Please know that I am not alone in this sentiment. Many New Yorkers share my views and want to see online poker become a legal and regulated form of entertainment in our state.

Thank you for your time and consideration of this critical matter. I look forward to your support for the legalization of online poker in New York and the positive impact it can have on our state.


Daniel Sciascia
Got Action – Everything Sports