Good Evening, everyone! We are looking forward to an electric day of football tomorrow and we are proud to say that we do have the action in progress. The odds all week have been in our favor and we are here to give you the best plays the internet has to offer. Here is the lineup for tomorrow. We are taking the Kansas City Chiefs on the MONEYLINE in the first game that kicks off alittle after 3pm. Kansas City will get the job done tomorrow at home and lead their way to the Super Bowl after tomorrows event. In the second game, we are taking San Fran +3.5 at LA Rams. Looking forward to a rematch of the Super Bowl 3 years ago between Sf and KC. After tomorrow, everything should get interesting! Goodluck! You heard it here first!!!!!! #GotAction

Action: KC on the money line and San Fran +3.5

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